Why, How, What and Where? 🤔

Why It look kinda ugly?
Because most of today's websites have trackers, ads, and unrelated JavaScript, which make the website so slow which is so annoying. However, I tried my best to make it look good 😊.

How I created this?
I found out about Hugo in last month (Dec-23) and its awesome themes. So, I chose smol theme which has no javascript at all and used this theme as a base for this site. And for color pallete, I used my favorite color palette, which is Catppucin.

Source code
You can find source code on my Codeberg account. Here

The entire source code of the website is licensed under AGPL and the content of the website is licensed under CC BY 4.0

Seriously? You want the RSS feed of this site? I'm not going to post that much. Still Want? OK, You can get RSS feeds for my site, Lemmy, Mastodon and Codeberg.

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